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Finns vote Valio the most sustainable company in Finland for the 4th year running

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Finns have rated Valio the most sustainable brand in Finland for the 4th year running. The largest, most comprehensive survey of the Nordic countries polls the public’s views on the sustainability of well-known companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, and this year includes The Netherlands.

In the eyes of the public, Valio rose to number one in sustainability issues due to its attitude towards animals and a positive relationship with consumers. The areas of sustainability appreciated most by Finns are taking good care of animals and using Finnish ingredients.

Sustainable Brand Index™ studies consumer views on the brands of hundreds of companies each year. The 2017 study analysed a total of 837 brands, including 143 in Finland. The online survey and in-depth interviews map 16–70 year-olds’ assessment of how sustainable a company’s operations are in terms of the environment, how well the company bears its social responsibility, and meets the expectations set for its operations.

Each brand selected for the survey is evaluated by at least 1 000 people and around 8 000 responded in Finland. Selection criteria include market share, net sales, number of personnel, and general recognition.

What is the Sustainable Brand Index™?

It’s the largest brand study on sustainability in the Nordic countries. The annual survey covers Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and in 2017 for the first time also the biggest and best-known brands in The Netherlands.

The Sustainable Brand Index™ study was conducted in Finland for the fifth time.

Sustainable Brand Index™ was established in Sweden in 2011 and first implemented in Finland, Denmark and Norway in 2013.

TOP 10.

Most sustainable brands in Finland 2017

  1. Valio
  2. Kotimaista
  3. S-market
  4. Tesla
  5. Fazer
  6. Snellman
  7. Myllyn Paras
  8. K-market
  9. Prisma
  10. K-supermarket