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Phospholipids, complex lipids naturally ocurring in milk, have been under growing scientific interest. Results indicate that phospholipids play an important role in nutrition for many different age groups. This also means harnessing their potential has huge business potential. Valio can help you use phospholipids to create desirable products especially tailored the needs of your market.

Phospholipids in infant nutrition

MFGM is essential for children’s neurodevelopment, gastrointestinal health, and immune support

Milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) is essential for children’s growth and development. In this white paper, Dr Anu Turpeinen shares the highlights of several scientific studies that support this statement.

Phospholipids’ health benefits for infants—new episode available now

Find out how Valio can unlock opportunities for your infant nutrition business with our experts.

Why is MFGM so important for early childhood development?

Valio’s Anu Turpeinen shares the latest research showing how MFGM in milk fat enhances brain health – and the new product opportunities this is creating.

The fat similarity index — evidence supporting the use of cow’s milk fat in infant formula.

In this episode of Expert insights, Valio’s research specialist Anu Turpeinen explains the similarities between cow’s milk fat and breast milk — and why infant formula makers would benefit from using cow’s milk fat as the ingredient.

Webinar: High-quality fat is crucial for infant development and wellbeing

In the latest Valio webinar top scientist Dr. Baoru Yang and nutrition research manager Dr. Anu Turpeinen shared their latest research findings on infant nutrition and milk fat. The recording of the webinar is now available.

Phospholipids in aging nutrition

The intake of phospholipids from nutrition is necessary throughout adulthood

The beneficial effects of phospholipid intake throughout adulthood are studied widely. Dr Anu Turpeinen summarises the main points of several scientific studies in this whitepaper

What makes milk-based ingredients a premium choice for healthy aging?

Anu Turpeinen explains why milk is the key ingredient for commercial success in the rapidly growing market of older adults seeking healthy food.

Dairy ingredients especially developed for healthy aging

Find all of our aging nutrition solutions