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Lactose free solutions for industrial food and dairy manufacturers


Lactose free solutions for industrial food and dairy manufacturers

Whether lactose intolerant or just looking for digestive wellness, people all over the world want to eat natural and delicious foods that don’t cause digestive symptoms.

Webinar: Digestive wellness trend in dairy and beverages

Consumers are looking for food choices that enhance digestive wellness and still taste great. This webinar is a jump start into the digestive wellness market for food manufacturers.

Webinar: Digestive wellness trend in dairy and beverages

Guide to capitalizing on the digestive wellness trend with lactose free products

There is a growing demand for digestive wellness products and lactose free can be the answer. This guide gives you tips on how to create new business and improve profitability with lactose free dairy.

Industry-proven lactose free applications for dairy food processors

Lactose free dairy foods are gut-friendly foods. Lactose free dairy offers dairy food processors new business and rapid growth possibilities. Valio offers the widest selection of high-quality lactose free consumer products and dairy ingredients made from premium Finnish milk. We offer also Valio FAST TRACK™ technology for milk producers.

Lactose free recipes and ingredients for confectionery manufacturers

The demand for gut-friendly products is currently among of the healthy food trends. This trend also applies to confectionery and chocolates. Valio’s cutting-edge ingredients generate a whole new market potential for confectionery manufacturers and especially chocolate product processors.

Expand your bakery’s market potential with gut-friendly and free from lactose products

With the help of Valio’s expert solutions, you can produce gut-friendly and easy-to-digest lactose free products that can significantly expand the market of your baked goods.

Babies from infant to toddlers have special nutritional requirements

Valio offers high quality and fully traceable ingredients so that you can manufacture safe and lactose free infant formulas and baby food products. With a suitable carbohydrate source such as maltodextrin or glucose syrup and whey protein, you can achieve optimal whey casein ratio close to breast milk.

Lactose free ingredient supplier for drink powder manufacturers

With the right lactose free ingredients, drink powder manufacturers can produce easily dissolving drink powders for people looking for digestive wellness or nutritional boost.

Lactose free option for coffee capsules and pods

Milk is essential part of coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, and the quality of the milk can affect the taste and overall experience of the drink. Valio Eila® PRO instant milk powder is designed for coffee capsules and pods, ensuring premium coffee experience. It is also lactose free.

Lactose free ingredients for nutritional supplements

Premium and pure ingredients for different nutritional supplement applications like sport, weight management or ageing.

Ingredient supplier for lactose free ice cream

Hit the indulgence trend with free from lactose ice cream of full-flavoured taste and excellent texture.

Grow your ice cream business with our solutions

Optimized ice crystal size? Reduced sugar? Enhanced flavour?

With our speciality milk powders, we can help ice cream manufacturers develop different taste profiles and more indulgent ice cream full of all the wellness-boosting natural goodness consumers desire.

Ingredients for lactose free dessert manufacturers

Lactose free desserts enable expanding business potential to people afraid of dairy-based desserts causing stomach discomfort. With Valio’s lactose free premium ingredients, dessert manufacturers can produce indulgence products that are desirable for everyone.

Ingredients for lactose free ready meal manufacturers

Lack of time is a major consumer trend in food, but people still desire nutritious and healthy food. With Valio’s functional ingredients and patented food solutions you can answer consumer market needs of excellent taste and texture for ready meal products.

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Dennis van der Veer

Dennis van der Veer

Head of Customer Development Dairy, Beverages and Lactose Free Technologies
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