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Chocolate and confectionery


Chocolate and confectionery

Permissible indulgence with reduced sugar, digestive comfort and clean label – pure ingredients for manufacturing better-for-you confectionery products and chocolate.

Valio Bettersweet™ for better products

Valio Bettersweet™ is a service solution that enables natural sugar reduction in any milk chocolate product. Without touching chocolate’s taste or texture. Not. One. Single. Bit.

Valio Bettersweet™ for better products

Sustainability – from the dairy farm to the chocolate bar

We at Valio offer solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, society and the environment. We are aware of our environmental and climate impacts, and take active measures to reduce them.

Juustola Valio Lapinlahti.

A trusted partner to support your business

Valio is a brand leader in Finland. With net sales of EUR 1.7 billion and over 4,000 employees globally, we are the nation’s largest food exporter with a notable presence in the international dairy ingredients market, where our products are found in 60 countries across the globe.

Sugar reduction in chocolate

Convert your chocolate and confectionery products into permissible indulgence.

Sugar reduction solutions in chocolate industry

What kind of discussion is going on in the market?


Why is sugar reduction in chocolate a hot topic right now?

On demand webinar on sugar reduction

Hear the latest insights on the use of milk-based protein in sugar reduction and make delicious ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate with no artificial sweeteners.

On demand webinar on sugar reduction

Request a chocolate sample

Request a ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate sample and get a taste of Valio Bettersweet’s potential. Please note that samples are for chocolate manufacturers only.

Lactose free chocolate and confectionery

Meet the demand for digestive wellness with lactose free or low lactose chocolate.

Be inspired by our lactose free info package!

Our experts put together useful information about lactose free solutions and ideas on how to expand your product range to meet the demand. We wish you a happy reading!

Clean label

Clean label and naturalness in confectionery and cocoa

Lactose free++++++++
Sweet taste*++++
Fresh milky taste*++++
Sugar reduction+++++++
Improves color++++++++
Improves texture+++++
Improves nutrition++++

*Improves taste

Capitalise on the better-for-you trend with Valio Bettersweet™ solution

This white paper explains how we can help chocolate and confectionery manufacturers:

  • Meet the demand for better-for-you chocolate and confectionery
  • Reduce sugar in chocolate by up to 30% without sweeteners
  • Provide lactose-reduced treats for millions seeking digestive comfort

Clean label trend is evolving and consumers willing to pay a price premium

Consumer surveys show that consumers associate clean label products with the use of natural, healthier ingredients and, increasingly, transparent sourcing. They also reveal a greater willingness to pay more for products with clean label.

Contact our specialist for additional information, technical support and co-creation projects.

Please be in touch if you have any questions to our products or solutions or if you need any support from us.

Katriina Leigh

Katriina Leigh

Customer Development Manager Chocolate, Confectionery and Cocoa
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