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Valio Butter for better baked goods

Butter in bakery

Valio Butter for better baked goods

Butter is a perfect and pure ingredient for professional baking. Its high quality is beyond comparison. Butter gives pastry, biscuits and cakes irresistible taste with flakey texture and great taste. Butter is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide range of pastries, from croissants to buttery shortbread cookies.

Only the best butter is good enough!

Only the best butter is good enough!

”As one of the judges in the television show The Great Bake Off: Finland, I have seen how home bakers appreciate the taste and other qualities of butter. There is a huge consumer segment that is not willing to settle for second-best when buying baked goods.”

Clean label bakery with pure Nordic butter and dairy ingredients

In this free webinar, Valio bakery experts fill you in on how to grow your bakery business with clean label baked goods. You get the latest insight into optimizing quality, processes, and products to match consumer trends.

Why use butter in baking?

Puff pastry

The amount of butter used in the puff pastry affects how easy it is to roll, how flaky it is, how well the pastries bake, and their taste and colour.


Valio butter creates delicious taste and great crispiness to biscuits.

Valio butter for better baked goods

Bake your way to success

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